What the %#@! is Beardivism? Fair question, but we’ve got a simple answer for you, so don’t go ruffling your undergarments. The way we look at it, Beardivism is the combination of two great things: beards and activism. It also seems to us that these noble pursuits sort of go hand in hand, or are at least related in some tacit way. All right, you look a little reluctant, so let us explain.

You see, both beards and activism require a certain specific kind of dedication that only those with the strongest of constitutions possess. The kind of patience it takes to grow a long, full beard is similar to the kind required to exact any sort of lasting political or social change, and that’s only the beginning of what brings these two marvelous things together.

Beards + Activism = Beardivism

beards and activism

Throughout human history, there’ve been countless examples of the blending of beards and activism, and, as they say, history has a tendency to repeat itself. So, it should come as no surprise, then, that beards are as prevalent today as they’ve ever been, and many of those determined and principled enough to strive ardently for change are also those who perpetuate the greatness of the beard. Thus, the Venn diagram of beards and activism is quite snuggly overlapped.

So, Beardivism is a place where activist and beard enthusiasts alike can join together in shared appreciation for the things that make us strong, free and happy. Just stop by and read about how beards are changing the world, and how activists are changing the beard, and how the combination is paving the way for serious community growth, be that our local, national or even global community.